U.Crew Style Team

UxU is always stocked with designs created and curated by our U.Crew Style Team. They are students from across the country with a passion for fashion.

Interested in joining the team? Applicants should be interested in fashion, the "trend-setter" among their peers and have a high awareness for trends on campus. Apply online here. We will reach out if we'd like to speak further!

Paulina Alcala
Junior at Texas Tech University

"As an Advertising major, I am always on the hunt for the newest trends. I have a passion for discovering something new everyday."

Olivia Anderson
Sophomore at Texas Tech University

"Since I am pursuing a minor in Apparel Design and manufacturing, I am always on the look for the up in coming trends, so being able to take a hobby I have and turn it into a job has been so exciting for me. This little taste of trend spotting has helped me decide what I really want to do with my life."

Meera Kripalu
Junior at University of Delaware

"I am a marketing and fashion merchandising student in the honors college at UD! I love fashion, styling, and seeing outfits come together." 

Jaxon Shultz
Junior at Texas Tech University

"I decided to apply to be a trend spotter because I have always loved fashion and enjoyed guessing where it was going next so this position was a dream for me to get. Being a trend spotter has given me an inside look into how a merchandising company works that many people don't get to see. Now, I have knowledge going forward in whatever field I decide to pursue."

Grace Houser
Junior at Indiana University

"I love fashion because it’s a way to express myself and I can make any outfit unique to my tastes, or reflect how I feel that day. Being a trend spotter is so much fun because I pay attention to what everyone is wearing on campus and I get to predict what trends I think will come next. The best part is being able to give my own input for upcoming apparel and always getting sneak peaks of what’s coming next!"

Caroline Swingley
Sophomore at University of Georgia

"Being fashion forward is a way to express my uniqueness. For me fashion is more than just something to wear on the outside but truly a way to transform how you feel on the inside. By wearing clothes that make me feel confident I am able to see a visible change in my outlook and I think this is the truly powerful part of clothing."

Cary Gutin
Senior at University of Oregon

"Game days, music festival fashion... I’m obsessed with all of it. Showcasing my creative side in the things I am most passionate about (music and festivals) has been a constant love of mine where I have been able to express my own creative genius in abstract and popular ways!" 


Isabel Day
Student at University of Oregon

"For as long as I can remember, I have always loved fashion and clothes. I am studying Public Relations and I am hoping to do PR within the fashion industry. I am always reading or researching about current and past trends, so the work I am doing as a trendsetter isn’t much different than what I do for fun! 


Julia Baum
Junior at The University of Delaware

"I have always loved fashion and clothing and I always wanted to be up to date on what the latest trends were to make sure I wasn’t slacking or was wearing clothes that weren’t “in” anymore. As I got older, I started to wear things for me and not for other people and didn’t exactly base my style off of trends but really on what I thought was cool and I always found myself getting compliments on my less than typical outfits. It made me feel good to know that even though I wasn’t following the popular clothing trends, I was making trends of my own that seemed to suit me and my personality and style even more than what everyone else chose to wear."


Tatum Plas
Junior at Texas Tech

"I have always been interested in fashion ever since I watched The Devil Wears Prada for the first time when I was eight. I kid you not, I told my parents that I want to be Miranda Priestly when I grow up."


Maya Phillips
Junior at Arizona State University

"My love for fashion has been going as long as I can remember. When i was little I used to run around the house doing “fashion shows” in my moms heels.  My real passion for current trends, however, began about a year ago when I began working as a stylist for Free People. I have so much fun helping customers find their perfect outfit and feel confident and beautiful. UTees has given me another outlet to work with this passion and I am so grateful!"


Taylor Tufano 
Student at Arizona State University

"Being a trendspotter has really shown me the passion that I have for fashion and marketing. working with utees on their designs have given me more insight into what and how a business operates as well as how different trends are made."